LEX Crewing has been founded earlier in 2015 as an immediate demand of international work-force market. LEX Crewing mediate between qualified employees, who want to work in the most of the continents, and foreign employers, also. Our main aim is the employees' and the employers' satisfaction, that is why we treat our customers in a distinctive way. We do our best to match their qualifications to the current job offers..

Our experts [consultants and direct hired personnel] possess a depth of market experience and knowledge that enables us to procure the best talent for your business. We’re able to operate within shorter timescales, with full understanding of your requirements - leading to better, faster and more successful placements.

LEX Crewing consultants work closely together on an intended global level, to provide your business with substantial resourcing ability and the best staffing solutions. Every LEX Crewing expert is focused on a specific skill-set and aligned to an industry sector. With our assistance, your business is able to reach outside the sector you operate in - tapping into a wider pool of talent.



DIRECCIÓN:2B, 1 Decembrie Blvd.Constanta - 900716, Romania

TELEFONO: +40 341 101 512


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